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Lifewise Funding Is The Answer To Your Debt Problems

Debt is a ballooning problem in the United States and people struggle with it across the board.

Regardless of who you are, the odds are very high that you have some type of debt probably in the form of either student loans, a mortgage, credit cards, or something similar. Getting into debt is, unfortunately, very easy. However, getting out of debt proves to be a much bigger challenge. This is where Lifewise Funding comes in.

At Lifewise Funding, we like to think that we are doing more than just “ helping you solve your debt problem”. Instead, we imagine that we are giving you your life back. We know that being in debt greatly restricts your ability to live life to the fullest and it’s our responsibility to give you that freedom back.

Instead of the constant stress, headaches, or nervousness every time the phone rings we want to help you return to a life of blissful peace. A life where you can focus your time and energy on the things that mean the most to you, not money.

So how does Lifewise Funding help? Two words: Personal loan.

Using a personal loan from Lifewise Funding

We know that this might seem a little contradictory at first. “Taking out another loan will help me get out of debt? But taking out loans is what got us into debt in the first place?” Allow us to explain.

A personal loan is a type of low-interest loan that can be used for a wide range of personal uses. Mainly, personal loans are used to repay high-interest debt and replace it with low-interest debt. Depending on the size and terms of the debt, this can save you thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars over the repayment period.

 A few other common ways to use a personal loan are used are financing large purchases or paying for medical expenses.

Using a personal loan from Lifewise Funding

How Lifewise Funding gets our clients out of debt

When it comes to debt, there are actually two different kinds: good debt and bad debt. The same is true for stress. Although stress is almost always used in a negative way, there are actually two different kinds of stress: distress and eustress. Distress, the more common type of stress, is extreme sorrow or anxiety. However, eustress is stress that is beneficial, like the excitement of working on a new project or going on a first date.

Let’s get back to good debt and bad debt. Bad debt is responsible for about 99% of all debt.
It is by far more common than good debt and a few common examples include:

wracking uo high balances

Wracking up high balances on your credit cards which carry a high rate of interest.

buying a car

Buying a car that is out of your budget range but using clever financing that lasts for years to “afford it”.

buying a house

Buying a house that you cannot afford, which ultimately forces you to miss payments.

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On the other hand, good debt looks like this:

Using a personal loan from Lifewise Funding to pay off your bad debt.

Good debt is rare since, unfortunately, many lenders use predatory practices and take advantage of people who do not know any better. Luckily, we’re one of the good guys who help people get out of bad debt by offering them access to good debt.

Let’s take a look a closer look at how the process works.

Using a personal loan to get out of debt

At over $1 trillion dollars total, credit card debt is one of the biggest forms of debt in the United States. If you are someone who carries lots of credit card debt then you are most likely paying an exorbitantly high rate of interest on this debt. Sometimes, this interest rate can be 20% or higher.

The more credit card debt you have, the more you will pay in interest. The more you have to pay in interest, the less money you have to pay down the debt. This creates a snowball effect because it gets harder and harder to actually pay the debt off. Usually what happens is that cardholder starts to only make the minimum payments on the card, which means that the interest keeps building and adding to the total.

Using a personal loan to get out of debt

Instead, of struggling to repay high-interest debt, try this strategy:

The process is incredibly easy. It starts with just a simple phone call to one of our representatives. If you get anxious talking finances then there is no reason to worry, our reps are professionals and there will be no judgments! We have been doing this so long that we have seen almost every situation that you can imagine.

If you have a steady income and decent credit (or a co-signer who does) then getting approved will be no problem. Once you get approved for a personal loan, you will be able to use it to start better handling your existing debt.

This is the most common way that Lifewise Funding recommends using a personal loan and we know from experience that it works. Let it work for you!

Benefits of working with Lifewise Funding

There are plenty of lenders out there who offer a similar service and probably even pretty comparable interest rates? We’re glad you asked!

Personal assistance

Personal assistance

The number one thing that we hear from clients is that they felt like they were completely alone in dealing with this problem. That is why we go above and beyond to let you know that you finally have someone on your team. Don’t think of us as just a lender, we are a teammate! This means that we will be there whenever have questions and will do our absolute best to go to bat for you.

Quick and easy access to your money

Quick and easy access to your money

Typically, getting approved for a loan can take weeks, if not months. The approval process lags on and on while your bills and gray hairs continue to wrack up. This is not the case at Lifewise Funding! We get you access to your money in record time! From start to finish, you can expect the whole process to take just a few days.

Low interest

Low interest

Another one of the reasons that our clients keep recommending us to their friends is because we are known for being able to secure industry-leading interest rates. This means that even if your credit is not the best, we will still be able to help you get approved for a low-interest loan.

Savings Calculator

Use our comparison calculator to see how much you would be saving

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Interested? Call Lifewise Funding today!

If you are struggling with debt in any capacity then don't hesitate to pick up the phone today! Even if you just want to ask a few questions or get some more information our agents are always happy to chat. There is absolutely no commitment to get started and we do not use high-pressure sales tactics.

In fact, it’s entirely possible that a personal loan is not the best option for you. Our reps will be able to determine that after getting a good idea of your financial situation. If a personal loan is not right for you then we will be able to point you in the right direction. Remember, a journey of a million miles still starts with a single step!

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What People Say About Us

Jesse Burton
Jesse Burton
El Paso, Texas

“I’m so relieved that I came across Lifewise Funding! It feels like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally return to my life. I would definitely recommend them to anyone struggling with debt. ”

Barry Mitchell
Barry Mitchell
San Diego, California

“My favorite part of working with Lifewise Funding was their people. I always find it awkward to discuss things like being in debt but there were never any judgments on their end. Only helpful answers!”

Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans
Charlotte, North Caroline

“If my friend hadn’t told me about Lifewise Funding then I don’t know what I would’ve done! They were incredibly helpful and efficient from start to finish. After just a quick introductory phone call I felt like I was already in a much better position in terms of my debt. A few days later and I had on an actual plan!”